The people who are making it possible

Nabarun Chakma
Nabarun ChakmaFounder, Sazep Pty Ltd.
I am the founder of Sazep pty ltd.
Good luck to me.
Diamond Dewan
Diamond DewanFull stack developer
Sazep pty ltd found me in a Facebook group and they found the original one.
Tamal Chakma
Tamal ChakmaFull Stack developer
No one likes web development
more than me.
Jowang Rakhaine
Jowang RakhaineMarketing expert
Marketing is in my blood..
Kanon Chakma
Kanon ChakmaWeb developer
I may look humble but my codes are not ..
Nuton Chakma
Nuton ChakmaWeb developer
I am no less than Sir Issac Newton in the Web development field.
Reagan Dewan
Reagan DewanFront End Developer
I left Chemistry for Web development.
Shuvo Talukdar
Shuvo TalukdarBack End Developer
I left Civil Engineering for Web development.
Sachin Chakma
Sachin ChakmaWeb developer
Sachin Tendulkar played well in Cricket. I am playing well on the web.
Subash Chakma
Subash ChakmaGraphics Designer
I will design anything for you..